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A Distinguished History

AP Armaflex Tube, Sheet and RollsArmaflex, the first flexible insulation product, was invented in 1953. This introduction Armaflex marked the establishment of a new branch of industry – flexible technical insulation. Armaflex is now the world’s best-known brand for flexible technical insulation, and the brand name has become an eponym in the building materials industry.

Armacell has contributed greatly to the professionalization of the sector and has set industry standards throughout the world in its role as a technology leader. Almost all significant innovations in the field of flexible technical insulation materials have been introduced by Armacell. In addition to conventional thermal insulation materials to protect against heat and cold, the company currently offers a wide range of covering systems, fire-protection and noise-control solutions, pre-insulated pipes, special insulation systems for specific industry applications, and the accessories to match.

Green ConstructionArmacell’s insulation materials are designed for new and existing installations. They are used in residential and non-residential buildings, process industries, transportation, and the oil and gas industry.

Armacell’s product solutions incorporate both superior functionality and ease of installation. The company continually invests in research and development to strengthen its position as a manufacturer of technologically pioneering products. Against the backdrop of rising energy prices, stricter energy conservation laws and the rapid pace of climate change, the insulation of building equipment and industrial installations will play an even more important role in the future.

Expansion of MarketsOil and Gas

A key growth market for Armacell is the global oil and gas business, which is served by a dedicated global team. For this application area, the company has developed special insulation systems that have already been used with great success by leading oil and gas companies in major off¬shore projects. Armacell also taps into its more than 50 years of experience in foam technology to develop innovative, new products for other fields of application. Component foams from Armacell are used in a number of industries, including automotive, construction and electronics. The PET Core Foam division manufactures products for applications such as shipbuilding and transportation. These foam cores are also used as composite materials in the construction of wind turbines. 

A Bright FutureWind Turbine

Armacell is a dynamic, flexible company whose maxim is to guarantee customer satisfaction and quality throughout all its corporate divisions. The company has the expertise and the resources to master tomorrow’s challenges. The potential of its employees is a driving force behind the company’s success. Their experience, commitment and innovative thinking have made Armaflex the brand it is today. For Armacell, fostering the development of employees and their skills is part of its corporate responsibility and one of the company’s highest priorities. 

Armacell also has been making a contribution to sustainable growth for decades through innovations in the field of energy efficiency. Armacell will continue to stand for what has characterized the company for 100 years: strong partnerships with its business associates, technical excellence and sustainable business development.



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